Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

Right Price Tiles has released a hilarious campaign last week: Host Body is an incredible dark humor video. Philips has also launched two hilarious ads: I’d Date Me is an amusing praise to one’s hairless beauty. Kellogg’s has introduced the audience with the Mortons – a funny family of vampires. Yoki has released a wonderful video with a cute kitty, who finds no peace until the thirst is satisfied. Finally, Newport Beach Film Festival made a film, which promotes the magic of the cinema, however, is very violent. The viewer discretion is advised.


5. Right Price Tiles, Host Body

4. Philips, I’d Date Me

3. Kellogg’s, Meet the Mortons

2. Yoki, Drinks Compared

1. Newport Beach Film Festival, Mandible

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