Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

Hey, hey, hey! Check out last week’s top 5 list! has released a hilarious video about a hipster boyfriend, who rather takes a picture of a tomato than knows how to repair a washing machine. Oreo has exiled two guys out into a sea and depicted their cookie-and-cream mirage. Chevy promotes its Sonic car and has released a hilarious video that features talented Theophilus London. Carlsberg has put friends to a test and depicted it in the epic video. Finally, Le Trèfle has made the most funny video, which argues that paper era is not over yet!


5., Tomato Photographer

4. Oreo, Life Raft

3. Chevy, Theophilus London Runs Out of Milk

2. Carlsberg, Friendship Test

1. Le Trèfle, Emma

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