Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

This week the exciting Top5 list is being opened by Chupa Chups’ latest work, that explores swizzling with hilarious Carl. Prime depicts where the love for movies leads a bunch of friends. AXE has released awesome video, that shows two stories simultaneously – try to watch by closing one eye. Ceres demonstrates how it all can be said in eleven seconds ad. Publicis Groupe is number one for sure. You will have to click the button, which will direct you to the interactive greeting video. Play with sound, image quality and other features to discover the real devotion of the company.

5. Chupa Chups, How to swizzle up Chupa Chups

4. Prime, Friends

3. AXE, Young & Mature

2. Ceres Fruit Squash, Glass

1. Publicis Groupe, Greeting Video

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