Top 5 of the Week

Top 5 of the Week

This week’s Top 5 is a fun mix of the finest commercials. Various in their style, they will definitely leave a smile on your face this Monday.

A witty and brave Sarah Colonna dressed as a cop is giving tickets for the pedestrians if they are not beautiful enough. Go Morgen Yoghurt is an awesome ad from Norway. WWF Canada presents a beautiful cat Norman, who tries to be eco-friendly. Jennifer Aniston demonstrates what a wonderful comedic actress she is in the shocking Smartwater’s video. And Smart ends our list with a cool video for you.


Benefit Cosmetics: Beauty Bust
Go Morgen Yoghurt: Hunger Management
WWF Canada: Norman the Eco-Warrior
Smartwater: Jennifer Aniston Security Tapes
Smart: Fun for Two

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