Top 5 Interactive Commercials

Top 5 Interactive Commercials

Interactive advertising is a real treat for the audience. Check out these five fun interactive campaigns, which will make your day! Let a funny Skittles’ cat lick your finger. Go deep down the Earth. Take a walk in the woods or participate in a bear’s birthday. Finally, the hilarious Publicis Group’s video is a must. Watch the campaigns and share your impressions with us.


5. Skittles, BBDO Toronto. Touch the rainbow campaign: you have to put your finger on the screen for a full experience.

4. Borjomi, Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine. Visit this site and scroll down the Earth: find out where the mineral water comes from. Really interesting: you also get to see what depths other visitors have reached and compare their results with yours.

3. Nature Valley Trail View, McCann New York. Press the link and enjoy your virtual walk!

2. Tipperx, Buzzman. Press this link, you will have to write a number. Try writing -1000000, -500,  100, 700, 1900 and so on.

1. Publicis Group, Digitas, France. Click this link to find the real video. Play with the sound and quality, press pause couple of times. It is hysterical!

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