Top 10 Volkswagen Commercials

Top 10 Volkswagen Commercials

Volkswagen is the brand which takes a good care of its presentation. It always delivers a bunch of great videos. From the vast majority of them, we have picked out ten of them, that will make your day. Just relax and enjoy the entertaining commercials, that can be watched over and over again.


10. V. agency teaches you how to seize the moment and not to hesitate any longer in this funny ad.

9. Deutsch LA keeps it very happy and celebrates the power of German engineering.

8. DDB Barcelona has made this hilarious ad for VW Polo about the real coolness.

7. Deutsch LA makes an amusing ad, which features a very dangerous guy with a mask.

6. Adam & Eve DDB London has released this latest video about a tall girl and her quest for love.

5. Deutsch promotes a keyless access and its benefits, as well as flaws.

4. Deutsch LA has released an anger management video featuring Jimmy Cliff and his amazing song.

3. DDB London has made a campaign, which supports cinema. The video shows an imaginary story, about how Hannibal Lecter’s character was created.

2. Try Oslo has made this cool video, which features a stunt bicycle rider Danny Macaskill riding in Lisbon.

1. Grabarz & Partner has made this great ad, which features Depeche Mode’s song and Dave Gahan himself!

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