Top 10 Sports Stars Commercials

Top 10 Sports Stars Commercials

This month everybody is so into sports, since Super Bowl is starting this Sunday. Therefore we made a list of funny and inspiring commercials, that feature sports stars, who stand as the examples of strong will, hard work and success to many around the world.


10. ESPN, Wieden + Kennedy. Larry Fitzgerald catches everything that falls on his way.

9. UGG, M&C Saatchi. Tom Brady hits the game in the airport. Who cares that the ball is invisible, if the game is fun.

8. Wilson, Doner. Venus Williams features as a shrink in this funny video.

7. Samsung, Cheil. David Beckham demonstrates his skills, blending soccer and music.

6. Guitar Hero, DDB. Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps and Tony Hawk plays not only sports: they play in a band, as well.

5. Nike, Wieden+Kennedy. Michael Jordan features in this dramatic and inspiring spot. Success does not come free.

4. Adidas, 180/TBWA. Muhammad Ali vs Laila Ali: a family combat. Not to worry: the footage is from the Muhammad’s fight with Ernie Terrel.

3. Nike, Wieden+Kennedy. Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have fun hitting the balls right into the glasses of champagne.

2. Nike, Wieden + Kennedy. Couldn’t be more inspiring: marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson, boxer Marlen Esparaza and basketball players Lisa Leslie and Diana Taursai talk about being a girl and staying in the game.

1. McDonald’s, Leo Burnett. Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan: an epic and hilarious combat over a burger.

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