Top 10 Scary Commercials

Top 10 Scary Commercials

This week we present the exciting list of the top scary commercials. Some of them are really spooky: like those from Herbaria or Parissiene. However, others have a witty implications. Some dark humor hasn’t hurt anyone yet.


10. Domino’s Pizza, Big Communications. The zombies are coming to get the girl. Funny twist in the end.

9. Glasjouren, Masscreation. The security windows are all about lightning-fast changes!

8. Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut, Leo Burnett. The temptation to have a tasty snack is bigger than the fear of the dinosaurs.

7. Herbaria, Jung von Matt/Neckar. The fantastic spot is beautiful and scary simultaneously. It promotes the calming effects of this tea.

6. Boost Mobile, 180LA. Bill from hell will scare the hell out of you in this spot!

5. Knotts Berry Farm, Cramer-Krasselt. The most scary farm on Earth promotes its Halloween fun.

4. Gandhi Bookstores, Ogilvy & Mather Mexico. A beautiful suspense video promotes the pleasures of reading.

3. Parissiene, David Lynch. Epic commercial by the favorite director. Really scary!

2. AXE, Brainstorm9. A hot girl is being chased by a zombie. The creatives of this spot have a very twisted humor.

1. Levi’s Jeans. A man is digging an old grave, looking for something.

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