Top 10 Musicians Ads

Top 10 Musicians Ads

This week we share these 10 hilarious videos, that feature famous musicians. Don’t worry: there are no madonnas or diddies. The list of rarities, that will definitely make your day.


10. Lotto. Legendary Kiss promotes Swedish lottery and features in this hilarious ad.

9. Norton Antivirus, by Leo Burnett, Chicago. The ad features American heavy metal band Dokken and demonstrates its superpower that enables to destroy the system.

8. MTV, for Headbanger’s Ball. Arabian commercial promotes metal music and is hysterical.

7. Country Life, by Grey London. John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten promotes British butter in the hilarious campaign. For more funny shorts, visit YouTube.

6. Alexander Wang, by director Daniel Jackson. The naughty South African band Die Antwoord for the 2012 Spring campaign.

5. Paco Rabanne, by director Jonas Akerlund. Iggy Pop teaches the rock equivalents for the social manners.

4. Vybemobile, by director Robert Jitzmark. Snoop Dogg promotes free songs for the German mobile company. Rapper is cool enough to feel confident in this ridiculous character.

3. Oliver Peoples, directed by Autumn de Wilde. The beautiful commercial for the eyewear brand features Garbage singer Shirley Manson and Elijah Wood.

2. Tesco, by The Red Brick Road. The British female band Spice Girls had reunited for this hilarious Christmas ad.

1. Pepsi, by BBDO. The company replaced Ludacris with Ozzy Osbourne, which caused the hip-hop moguls to boycott over Pepsi.

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