Top 10 iPhone Haters Videos

Top 10 iPhone Haters Videos

Market wars between smartphone manufacturers do not seem to stop anytime soon. While Apple is doing its job – improving technology and releasing its short simple commercials – its rivals sharpen their tongues. Samsung and Nokia are especially concerned to mock iPhone as harshly as they can: Nokia being especially mean and also competing with Samsung. A few comedians have also made parodies about the Apple hysteria.

Check out these videos and have a good laugh, even if you are the biggest Apple fan. Who isn’t after all?


10. Nokia has made this beautiful cartoon video, which depicts the ongoing iPhone hysteria.

9. Samsung, 72andSunny. The latest spot from Galaxy’s department promotes Galaxy S4 as smarter than any other smartphone.

8. Alexander JL Theoharis has made this film for Satire channel. The video was viewed over 9 million times and is hysterical.

7. Samsung, 72andSunny. The video claims that Galaxy is much better than iPhone and Blackberry put together.

6. Ellen DeGeneres has made a parody: not because she hates Apple, because she loves it and is funny!

5. Nokia Lumia 920: this time it competes with Samsung Galaxy SIII. The phones are taken to a tennis court and their solidity are put to the test.

4. Adam Sacks parodies Apple iPhone users (especially those, who take pictures of their food) and presents his new invention – iPhone 5.

3. Nokia has made an experiment: the subway performance of Underground Horns was recorded with Lumia and Samsung Galaxy SIII. You can compare the results yourself.

2. Samsung, 72andSunny. The video features Justin Hawkins from The Darkness and mocks those, who stand in the longest queues ever.

1. Nokia, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The hysterical video was released a few weeks ago to promote Lumia 920.

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