Top 10 Inspiring Commercials

Top 10 Inspiring Commercials

The commercials that are inspiring work wonders not only for the brands, but for the audience, as well. It is very nice when the talent of the creatives is being used to wake people up and ask themselves, whether they are happy with their lives or is it time to make some changes. Watch these inspiring videos and tell us if you liked them.


10. Johnnie Walker, directed by Jason Colvin. A man is inspired not by luck or success. He is inspired by insults, that harden his temper.

9. Nike. A guy is allowing us to have a glimpse of his amazing story.

8. Virgin Holidays, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy. A funny rockumentary promotes unreal vacation provided by the brand.

7. Blackberry, AMV BBDO. Watch the amusing video and ask yourself if you are a “Yes” man or not.

6. TyC Sports, Y&R. Those who talk too much ain’t get far. Those who act will.

5. Captain Morgan, Anomaly, directed by Tom Hooper. We are not encouraging drinking, but this is really a brilliant video.

4. Jordan Brand, Wieden + Kennedy. Even the biggest success starts from zero.

3. Corona, directed by Taylor Steele. The film depicts a beautiful journey to the coast of Mexico.

2. Volkswagen, Deutsch. Laughing has a tremendous effect on our lives and it is contagious.

1. NZ Lotteries, DDB. The incredible story about a cute dog Wilson and his lucky ticket. The song is by Nick Cave.

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