Top 10 Hilarious Viral Videos

Top 10 Hilarious Viral Videos

The viral videos sometimes work out as a very good publicity – just like it did for Dollar Shave Club. Others do not advertise anything on purpose, but become simply sensational. The most hilarious moments are no directed.


10. Will Ferrell and Pearl McKay star in this funny video. Over 24,000 views.

9. Dollar Shave Clubs blades are f#$&!ng good! The viral video turned out to be a great ad for the young brand. Almost 10 million views.

8. Kristen Bell’s hilarious reaction to her birthday present. Almost 16 million views.

7. A guy jumps into an iced over pool – it hurts watching. Over 25 million views.

6. The comedy company Bad Lip Reading reads lips of football players. Over 35 million views.

5. A stalking cat is there to get you! Over 39 million views.

4. A golden eagle snatched a kid. Fortunately it let go. Over 42 million views.

3. A fan tells to leave Britney Spears alone. Almost 46 million views.

2. Talking twin brothers – so cute. Over 81 million views.

1. Charlie bit his brother’s finger and became a viral sensation! Almost 521 million views.

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