Top 10 Funny Car Commercials

Top 10 Funny Car Commercials

This week we have prepared a funny car commercials list for you. Car companies are more than willing to spend a lot for a good advertisement. Therefore, the creatives unite their powers and pull off many hilarious spots.


10. Volkswagen, BMP DDB London. British humor always works out well in advertising, as well as life. Hilarious ad!

9. Honda, Wieden+Kennedy London. See how the cogs make their way into a whole Honda.

8. Volkswagen, DDB Amsterdam. A cute dog becomes a pain for his master, because he constantly imitates VW.

7. Nissan, TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles. Amusing spot, that features toys, who are enjoying their wild ride.

6. Chrysler, Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Eminem scores music and features in this epic video.

5. Volkswagen, Deutsch Los Angeles. The Force has become an epic online success, no funny car commercials list is imaginable without this video.

4. Saturn, Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Very nice car commercial with no cars! In the end a voice over explains why.

3. Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi Milan. See the imaginary world, where a king is a buzz killer and forbids the alternatives.

2. Citroen, H Paris. The newest video from the brand is witty, beautiful and compelling.

1. BMW, Fallon Minneapolis. The video, which features Madonna and Clive Owen, has won a prestigious Clio Award.

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