Top 10 Fanniest BGH Commercials

Top 10 Fanniest BGH Commercials

BGH is a very well known brand in out Funny Commercials World. Advertising agency Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi from Argentina has been making hilarious commercials for the household appliances brand. The creatives always come up with an unusual and humorous approach. Check out these amusing ads. Some of them has already become legendary!


10. “Summer Hater” is a bizarre vision of a man, who detests everything people usually love.

9. “No Signal” features a man in his briefs, passionately trying to make a call. However, his wife is embarrassed in front of her friends.

8. “Miyagi” is about a guy, who gets inspired by an action movie hero and gets himself into trouble. Nevertheless, he feels thankful to a fictional karate master.

7. “The Big Steal” shows a lunchbox that causes a fuss in an office, after somebody tries to steal it.

6. “Friends” is part of the “Dads in Briefs” saga and shows how embarrassed the kid in front of the guys is.

5. “Julia” is the latest work. It depicts a guy, who is obsessed with Julia Roberts and writes her the sloppy letters.

4. “The Meal is Mine” shows the latest technologies, which will preserve your lunch from the sneaky and hungry office thieves.

3. “Keanu” is about a guy, who has taken a blue pill and know cannot handle his constant erection anymore. Therefore, he asks for advice from Keanu Reeves.

2. “Diet” features a man, who is eating his colleague’s desert! Fortunately, the signal has warned her before he ate all of it.

1. “Dads in Briefs” has already become a legendary ad. See one of the funniest commercials ever!

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