Top 10 Fairy Tale Commercials

Top 10 Fairy Tale Commercials

Christmas is such a magical time. Therefore we decided to remember some fairy tale commercials. Little Red Riding Hood is probably the most popular among the creatives. However, others make up their very own beautiful stories, like Flikart, Bakers Biscuits and ECN Forex.

Check out the list and enjoy!

10. Capital One, by DDB CHICAGO USA. Sometimes kissing does not help to get what you want.

9. Volvo, by Arnold Worldwide. Little Red Riding Volvo makes it a beautiful ad.

8. Bakers Biscuits, by Ogilvy Johannesburg. A lovely half cartooned film.

7. ECN Forex. A wonderful cartoon story about marketing and finance.

6. Flikart, by Happy Creative. A warm story about magic with a funny twist in the end.

5.The Guardian, by Bartle Bogle Hegarty. One of the best commercials this year. Three Little Pigs get into the spotlight.

4. Sky Broadband, by WCRS. The Princess and The Pea: demand good sleep, demand good internet access.

3. Zovirax, by Costas Chrysanthou. Find out why the Sleeping Beauty had to sleep for so long.

2. Adidas, by Jungl. Another very cool ad about a Little Red Riding Hood wearing a pair af Adidas shoes.

1. GDH, by RKCR/Y&R. An awesome ad which depicts a modern Cinderella story.

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