Top 10 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercials

Top 10 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercials

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest might be the most popular among the fans. Not only they compete for $1 million, but also for an opportunity to be seen. For that reason many young film makers participate in the contest. This month the viewers can vote for their favorite spot.

Enjoy the list!

10. Man’s best friend is well aware of the power of bribing. Directed by Jonathan Friedman.

9. The magical Doritos healing power – it must be caused by that cheese powder.

8. A cute little pug vs. his silly owner. The 2011 winner. Directed by J.R. Burningham, Tess Ortbals.

7. Daddy steals his little son’s birthday wish and gets the party started! Directed by Kevin T. Willson.

6. A very appetizing view makes some fuss between a husband and a wife.

5. The hilarious cooking show, how to make your own Doritos. Directed by David Ward, John Ramsey and Jack Dreesen.

4. Sling Baby has earned its prize last year with this hilarious video. Directed by Kevin T. Willson.

3. The colleague is thrilled to have the last bite of Doritos.

2. The 2013 finalist, which has a very big chance of winning. Directed by Ben Callner.

1. Another 2013 finalist. This cute girl is a real contender for other finalists. Directed by Tyler Dixon.

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