Top 10 DirecTV Commercials

Top 10 DirecTV Commercials

DirecTV is very well known in our Funny Commercials World for releasing a lot of funny ads. The brand has recently updated its campaign, therefore we offer you to remember some of the best commercials. Have a good laugh.


10. If you are going to become an angry dad because of the cable, you are going to have a grandchild with a dog collar one day. By Grey New York.

9. DirecTV gets all the scariest villains, who are coming to get a family on a holiday morning.

8. The adults have too high expectations for a kid, turning him into an old man. Too soon! By Young & Rubicam.

7. Another proof why you should give up the cable: you might get involved in your own death staging. Complicated! By Y&R.

6. Charlie Sheen is cool and he stays cool. Unlike a guy, who meets him and cannot handle LA lifestyle! By Y&R.

5. A son finds out his parents are involved in a massage orgy! By Grey.

4. Cable drives a guy crazy. He becomes angry and it leads him to become a weird stray. By Grey.

3. A man becomes a graceful synchronized swim dancer – that’s what an impact TV has on people. Not so bad, though! By Wing.

2. The cable frustration turns into an obsessive behavior. A man starts waking up in the strange places. By Grey.

1. John Cleese lists the advantages, while enjoying his fancy lifestyle. This is were DirecTV leads you to! By Grey.

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