Top 10 Commercials by Top Directors

Top 10 Commercials by Top Directors

This week we are very proud to present Top 10 commercials by Top directors. It is really hard to choose, as there are so many great works by so many great artists. Therefore, feel free to comment, discuss and suggest your own favorite ads.

The list is made in alphabetical order, beginning with the first names, in order not to repeat one cinema giant.


10. Woody Allen, agency Leagas Delaney Roma for Telecom Italia, 2000. Mr. Allen directs and features in the ad. He explores the theme of immortality. It turns out, it would be too complicated to live for 150 years. Hilarious video!

9. Wim Wenders directs and promotes Leica camera himself in 2008. Scenes made with precision emit passion, as German film genius tells about his love for the device, which enables to create wonders.

8. Wes Anderson has a very distinctive style, delicate humor and makes an incredible ad with Brad Pitt!

7. Tim Burton participated in creating this in 2009. To promote Tim Burton retrospective at MoMA, director was asked to create a spot by himself. Slow motion cartoon beautifully reflects Mr. Burton’s style.

6. Spike Jonze for Levi’s. Mr. Jonze knows how to make a little art work even if it is a commercial.

5. Martin Scorsese ad, 2010. Usually Karl Lagerfeld creates commercials for Chanel, as well as clothes. This time he handed it to somebody, who knew films probably a little bit better. The stylish, elegant ad features Gaspard Ulliel.

4. Guy Ritchie makes a film for Dior in 2010. British cinema genius and Jude Law explore the seductive darkness of the French brand.

3. Joel and Ethan Coen for This Is Reality campaign, 2009. The dark humor professionals keep it sharp in this spot.

2. David Lynch for Playstation, TBWA from London. „Bambi“ introduces different world and rules of a video game. And still you can feel the touch of the brilliant artist: innocence that blends with death.

1. David Fincher for Xelibri, 2003. An exciting futuristic ad with a funny twist in the end.

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