Top 10 Coca-Cola Commercials

Top 10 Coca-Cola Commercials

125 years with Coca-Cola. The most famous soft drink in the world has a long history of success. As well as a long list of funny, inspiring and moving commercials. This year Coca-Cola presents the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall”. Therefore, we decided to explore advertising history of the brand.

We present the Top 10 list. Check it out and share your most favorite ads.

10. “Max Headroom“ was made by McCann Erickson. A computerized character introduced a new Coke formula to the young audience in 1986.

9. This Diet Coke video has caused some fuss. However, it is sexy and hilarious.

8. “Videogame” was done by Wieden & Kennedy, 2006. The video has won some awards and pushed advertising to a new level.

7. “Happiness Factory” was released in 2007 by Wieden & Kennedy. A modern fairy tail about the softdrink. The ad is very beautiful and has received many good reviews.

6. „Hard Times“ was made by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. It was launched during the Super Bowl 2010 and features characters from the beloved „The Simpsons“ TV show.

5. „Happiness Machine“ is from Definition 6, released in 2010. Coca-Cola had made a machine, that gave presents to the customers. For instance, cold Coke plus hot pizza.

4. „Border“ by Wieden + Kennedy, 2011. It is a hilarious ad, which explores the limits of generosity. It turns out, there are no borders for a good will with Coca-Cola.

3. “Friendship Machine” was released in 2011 by Ogilvy Argentina. See what lengths people are willing to go just to please their friends with Coke.

2. „Security Cameras“ was pulled off by McCann, Argentina, in 2012. These incredible scenes were captured by security cameras. Real life, filled with wonderful moments.

1. „Unlock the 007 in You“ is the latest work for Coke from Duval Guillaume. The Coca-Cola machine challenges passengers to become James Bond for a minute. The video promotes the latest Bondiana film „Skyfall“.

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