Top 10 Christmas Commercials

Top 10 Christmas Commercials

Holidays are coming and we decided to remember some good ads, released during Christmas fever. The videos below take a different approach on once-in-a-year fest. Witty, naughty, critical – get ready for some heavier stuff.


10. UNICEF and agency Forsman & Bodenfors, 2011. A little rock, dropped in Santa’s garden.

9. Cake Film and writer/director Maurice Trouwborst, 2010. Give animals a break, see why hunting is disadvantageous.

8. Ikea and 303 Group, 2007. A thoughtful gift found in Ikea.

7. Foot Locker and SapientNitro, 2010. A guy kidnaps a reindeer from Santa.

6. Acarat and writer/director Christopher Redmond, 2011. A horror Christmas ad.

5. Tarjeta Naranja and agency Rombo Velox, 2010. Santa meets Death while delivering presents.

4. Matthew Walker and agency Mother London, 2009. Matthew Walker and Santa Clause talk about their longstanding friendship. Very long – since 1899.

3. Oxfam and agency 15 Ideas Chicago, 2009. The company encourages to give a $%!# during Christmas.

2. Hummer and Modernista!, 2004. Dad and two boys slide down the slope that never ends. Guess how did they get there.

1. Irn-Bru and The Leith Agency, 2006. Amazing dark humor commercial.

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