Top 10 Car Commercials of 2012

Top 10 Car Commercials of 2012

A load of funniest commercials happens to come from the car promoters. The most of them were aired during the Super Bowl and gained an instant success. We feel that some of the best ads should be remembered.

Have a good laugh!

10. Acura, by RPA. Jerry Seinfeld knows what he wants and makes many hilarious attempts to get it.

9. Hyundai, by Innocean. Never try to ridicule a cheetah or this is what will happen!

8. Kia, by David&Goliath. When the elf spreads too much dream powder, this is what happens.

7. Chevrolet, by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The apocalyptic notions in this ad works out very well. But against Ford.

6. Honda, by RPA. Matthew Broderick shows you the art of spending a day off.

5. Chevrolet, by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Extremely hilarious video ad, which has received an instant success.

4. Volkswagen, by Deutsch LA. The dog strikes back and competes with VW in this funny commercial.

3. Toyota, by Saatchi & Saatchi. The magic of reinvention works out amazing, making this one of the best Super Bowl commercials.

2. Volkswagen, by Deutsch. The familiar tune from the Star Wars is being performed by these cute dogs.

1. Chrysler, by Wieden and Kennedy. Clint Eastwood gives hope for Americans in this successful ad, which has won many sympathies.

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