Top 10 Beer Commercials

Top 10 Beer Commercials

Beer companies usually release many funny commercials. Sometimes they are  rude, shocking, but always entertaining. Check out the list and have a good laugh this Friday!


10. Bergenbier, Leo Burnett. A lot of adventures happen after couple of beers. Some of them you wish didn’t happen.

9. Bud Light, DDB Chicago. A guard squirrel keeps an eye on a guy’s beer.

8. Carlton Draugh, Clemenger BBDO. The hilarious spot about dedication to beer.

7. Miller Lite, Draftfcb. The guy struggles to find his identity by adopting wrong fashion standards.

6. Carlsberg, Fold 7. English football fans are taking a course of study at the fan academy.

5. Carling, Beattie McGuinness Bungay. The brand helps to define a friendship.

4. Bud Light, DDB. Clothing drive fever at the office – a hilarious banned commercial.

3. Heineken, TBWA. Ladies are happy with a closet, stuffed with fashionable clothes. What would cheer men up?

2. Carlton Draugh, Clemenger BBDO. Hilarious video ad, depicting ridiculous moments, that do not bother the beer drinkers.

1. Guinness, AMV BBDO. The epic video ad, which takes us back in evolution process just to hear a short verdict from a little creature.

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