Top 10 Animal Commercials

Top 10 Animal Commercials

Animals deserve a credit for their creative work, since they are the most popular stars among the advertisers. Cats and dogs are, of course, the busiest pets. However, the videos below feature hedgehogs, bears, snail, bee, gorilla and are brilliant. Check out the list.


10. Legal Sea Foods, by Devito Verdi. The brand got involved into an unpleasant argument with the animal lovers for its previous campaign. However, this old video is hysterical.

9. Pedigree, by TBWA Toronto. Dogs in slow motion look forward to get a tasty snack. Beautiful ad.

8. EDS, by Fallon. The prairie cat herders share their stories about these exquisite hunting cats.

7. Jack Daniel’s, by Arnold Worldwide. The King Bee is so cool you will want to watch it again and again.

6. Volkswagen, by Deutsch LA. The legendary Super Bowl 2012 commercial reveals musical talents of the dogs.

5. Sequoia, by Marcel. A sincere confession and a life story told by a gay snail.

4. Shelter Pet Project, by Draftfcb Chicago. Hilarious video about a neat cat who cannot look at that kid playing in the sand box.

3. Corcoran has released this funny ad about a cute french bulldog Marcel and his passion for the real estate.

2. Volkswagen, by Agence.V. France. The vehicle is being worshiped by the hedgehogs, so the vehicle keeps them safe.

1. Cadbury, by Fallon. Get ready for a thrilling experience provided by Phil Collins and Gorilla.

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