Tonger Commercial: Cooking Pan

Tonger Commercial: Cooking Pan

Tonger Energy Bar and advertising agency Think from Cairo have released this hilarious video commercial.

The spot features three guys, who are exercising in the park. To prove that Tonger works and that their exercises are beneficial and increase strength, one of the guys throws a cover of a cooking pan. The target is a palm tree. However, the cover reaches far beyond their expectations. See the result. Hilarious.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Think, Cairo, Egypt
Director: Hisham Kharma
DOP: Ramy Elshakry
Producer: Ali Amr
Production Team: Ahmed Kassem, El Sawy Mohamed
Stylist: Zeinab Zakaria
CGI: Mahmoud Enayet
Editor: Mohsen Abdel Wahab / Azman
Smoke: Azman
Music: Hisham Kharma
Sound Design: Hosni Ali / Frequency
VO: Khaled Mansour

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