Tom Sachs: Love Letter to Plywood

Tom Sachs: Love Letter to Plywood

Director Van Neista presents a seven-and-a-half minute film “Love Letter to Plywood”.

The movie pays the dues to a plywood – material that the sculptor Tom Sachs uses to create an incredible works of art. The short beautifully reflects the material and its features. The long shots overwhelms and makes you fall in love with a plywood as well.

The movie reminds the good old art making technique – making it with your own hands. The touch of an artist makes the object unique and original, the only like that in the world. Sachs by the way has his exhibition opening in New York called “Space Program: Mars”.

There are two more videos about the technique and skills.

Watch the amazing short movie and tell us if you liked it.


Director: Van Neista
Sculptor: Tom Sachs
Title: Love Letter to Plywood

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