Tok&Stok Commercial: Languages

Tok&Stok Commercial: Languages

Tok&Stok and creative agency DDB Brasil have launched this funny commercial entitled „Languages“.

The creatives arrived with an incredibly original idea. We can see a man constructing a furniture. While he is doing it, the voice over the camera is talking in a foreign language. At the end the title explains everything: the voice was talking in Indonesian. And it was not an instruction, it was a recipe for a drink.

The video’s idea is to present Tok&Stok as a drink, which is easy to assemble without instructions.

Watch this video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: DDB Brasil
CD: Sergio Valente
Client: Tok&Stok
CD: Marco Versolato
CD: Joao Mosterio
CD: Keka Morelle
CD: Andre Pedroso
AD: Joao Mosterio
AD: Cheda Neto
AD: Markus Correa
AD: Rafael Voltolino
CW: Andre Pedroso
CW: Joao Mosterio
CW: Andre Curi
RTVC: Gilberto Pires
RTVC: Juliana Racioppi Tangary
Film Producer: ParanoidBr
Film Director: Brenno Castro
Photography Director: Will Etchebehere
Editor: Carlos Leite
Editing Prod.: Paranoid BR
Post-production: Jonathan Post
Audio Producer: Cabaret
Audio Producer: Cayto Trivellato
Client’s Approval: Regis Dubrule
Client’s Approval: Ghislaine Dubrule
Client’s Approval: Flavia Lucena

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