Tire Rack Campaign: Race

Tire Rack Campaign: Race

Tire Rack and The Richards Group have released a new funny campaign recently.

The videos promote tires. Good tires. According to the creatives, however, that is something you shouldn’t even think about. Therefore, the company promises to take this burden off of your shoulders, so that you could worry about something else. Like how awesome it is to race. Or how annoying the mynah bird is. Or how complicated it is to narrate a scientist’s mind.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: The Richards Group, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: Bill Cochran
Creative Director / Art Director: Patrick Murray
Broadcast Producer: Carol Leftwich
Broadcast Business Manger: Michael Sonnier
Production: Sugar Film Production
Director: Chris Smith
Executive Producer: Tony Miglini
Line Producer: Michelle Isbell
Editorial: Sugar Film Production

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