Tippexperience interactive Commercial: Birthday Party

Tippexperience interactive Commercial: Birthday Party

This amazing campaign from ink-correction brand Tipp-Ex provides you awesome interactive entertainment.

In the middle of a birthday party Hunter and The Bear face meteor coming right into the Earth. Then you can choose whether to end the party or keep it going by clicking the link. Your choice leads to other interactive and funny videos. There are 46 different scenarios.

In 2010 Tipp-Ex ran interactive campaign as well starring the same hunter and the bear. Only now it’s even better.

You must check this video! Tell us what you think.


Advertising Agency: Buzzman, USA
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-cherif
Agency Manager: Thomas Granger
Conception: Tristan Daltroff
Artistic Director: Louis Audard
Project Manager: Olivier Lopez, Marion Quesada
Tv Producer: Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau
Digital Production Manager: Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges
Community Managers: Huber Munyazikwiye, Julien Scaglione
Film Production: Les Télécréateurs
Director : Adrien Armanet
Web Production: Les 84

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