Tine Yogurt Commercial: I am You

Tine Yogurt Commercial: I am You

Tine Yogurt and advertising agency Try/Apt have made this cute and amusing video ad.

Commercial features a guy, who takes a minute to enjoy Tine Yogurt. Suddenly, from out of nowhere a little boy appears. “Who are you?”. “I am you”. The video is very nostalgic, because the yogurt is said to have the taste you grew up with. Even the music is too sentimental. However, their conversation is lighthearted and that makes the commercial quite endearing.

Check out the ad and share you opinion about it.


Agency: Try/Apt
Art Director: Ester Hjellum
Client: Tine Yogurt
Copywriter: Jorgen Bohle Bakke
Director: Morten Tyldum
Producer: Guri Neby
Prod. Co.: Einar Film

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