Tiger Energy Drink Commercial: Party

Tiger Energy Drink Commercial: Party

Tiger Energy Drink and advertising agency DDB from Poland have released a new funny campaign recently.

The spot features a guy at the party. He meets a gorgeous girl, but needs a minute to take his breath from fun and plan his next actions. Is he going to get shy or is he going to invite the girl to the… bed? Maybe the miniature tiger will advice him good. The tiny animal looks so adorable in the guy’s hand!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: DDB, Poland
Agency Producer/ Account: Rafał Grobel
Creatives: Maciej Twardowski, Michał Desowski
Production Co.: Cut Cut
Director: Sebastian Pańczyk
DOP: Marek Sanak
Producer: Bartek Morski
Post-Production: Platige Image
Producer: Ula Kominek
CG Supervisor: Marcin Filipek
Modelling: Szymon Kaszuba
Fur set up: Michał Skrzypiec
Animation: Krzysztof Krok, Artur Marcol
Rendering: Kuba Knapik
Compositing: Michał Skrzypiec

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