Tiger Energy Drink Commercial: Bar

Tiger Energy Drink Commercial: Bar

Tiger Energy Drink and advertising agency DDB from Poland have released a new funny campaign recently.

The spot features a guy at the bar. He sees a beautiful girl, but needs a minute to decide what he will do about it. He definitely does not want to shy away. Is he going to make a move? Maybe the miniature tiger will advice him good. The tiny animal looks so adorable in the guy’s hand!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: DDB, Poland
Agency Producer/ Account: Rafał Grobel
Creatives: Maciej Twardowski, Michał Desowski
Production Co.: Cut Cut
Director: Sebastian Pańczyk
DOP: Marek Sanak
Producer: Bartek Morski
Post-Production: Platige Image
Producer: Ula Kominek
CG Supervisor: Marcin Filipek
Modelling: Szymon Kaszuba
Fur set up: Michał Skrzypiec
Animation: Krzysztof Krok, Artur Marcol
Rendering: Kuba Knapik
Compositing: Michał Skrzypiec

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