Thinkbox Commercial: Harvey and Rabbit

Thinkbox Commercial: Harvey and Rabbit

Thinkbox has launched “Harvey and Rabbit” campaign, presenting TV as an effective and powerful medium.

The funny video features Harvey the Dog. His master is about to throw away his toy the Rabbit. But Harvey stops him by showing the short movie, which documents the good times with the Rabbit. It shows how fun it is to rob a butcher’s shop or simply look at the skies together. It is so sweet and cute that the master closes the trash bin.

Thinkbox is a marketing company for the creators of the TV commercials. It helps to understand the consumers’ needs and how advertising effects people.

Watch this ad and tell us what you think about it.


Agency: The Red Brick Road, London
Client: Thinlbox
Creative: Mark Slack, Gemma Phillips
Executive creative director: Paul Weinberger
Account directors: Lisa Pilbeam, Ebony Moore
Account manager: James Rowe
Agency planner: David Hackworthy
Agency producer: Miles Nathan
Director: Si & Ad
Production company: Academy Films
Producer: Lucy Gossage
Director of photography: Marcel Zyskind
Editor: Sam Rice-Edwards
Post production: Finish
Composer: Nick Webb
Music: Adam Buxton, “Friends”
Audio post production: Scramble
Media: Mediacom, Andrew Lloyd, David Mills

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