The Kosovo Nation Branding Campaign: The Young Europeans

The Kosovo Nation Branding Campaign: The Young Europeans

Kosovo is one of the youngest countries in the world. To change the image of a war-torn country, Kosovo government launched a branding campaign with a slogan “Kosovo: the young Europeans”. The idea of the brand is based on fact that Kosovo is very young as a country and also has considerably young population (average age of 25.9).

The same idea of a young, peaceful and beautiful Balkan country is shown in the TV commercial you can see below. The ad shows us that people in Kosovo are working together to build their country and their future the way they want it to be.

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv
Advertiser: Kosovo Government
Project name Kosovo Nation Branding
Client Kosovo Government
Creative director Shony Rivnay
Art director Udi Ovadia
Planning director David Kosmin
Media agency ZenithMedia
Production company Kadishzon
Director Eric Will
EditorEric Will
Post-production company JCS

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  1. anna at 4:09 PM

    this is the most fantastic add i ever seen

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