The Economist Commercial: Red Wires

The Economist is launching a new UK brand strategy with its first cinema ad in eight years – a 70 second commercial featuring a high-wire walker.

In a move aimed at boosting the Economist’s circulation, the campaign is targeted at people who do not read the magazine but are “intellectually curious”.

The dramatic advert, “Red Wires”, features wire-walker Florent Blondeau walking through a city on a series of high wires coloured red. Each wire represent different thoughts and ideas inspired by reading The Economist.

The Economist says that the “Let your mind wander” endline is “a metaphor for the inherent pleasure in connecting different ideas, and how this is reflected in the wide-range news and analysis available in a copy of The Economist”.

The advert will appear in cinemas in Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London from Friday, running before screenings of Public Enemies and Inglourious Basterds. The 70-second version will appear on Channel 4 News on the Sunday.

Released: July 2009
Client: The Economist
Agency: AMV BBDO
Director: Tom Carty
Country: United Kingdom

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