Tesco Commercial: Fashion for Living

Tesco Commercial: Fashion for Living

Tesco’s F&F rolled out a beautiful commercial for a new spring-summer season.

It features a woman changing locations and clothes. A new spot – a new ensemble of a brand new clothing. It expresses the variety and wide range of Tesco’s fashion line.

It feels that video was made just in one-shot, although all scenes were shot separately using a motion control Cyclop rig technology.

Watch this cute video and tell us what you think.


Director: Henrick Hallgren
Agency: The Red Brick Road
Creatives: Mark Slack & Gemma Phillips
Agency Producer: Ben Honour
Production Company: Rogue Films
Production Company Producer: Kate Hitchings
DoP: Tom Townend
Editor: Quin Williams, Marshall Street Editors

VFX Producer: Chris Allen
VFX Supervisor: Ludo Fealy
VFX Team: Byron Woofinden, Enric Rodriguez, Kim Ranzani
Telecine: Jean-Clement Soret

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