Tennis Canada Commercial: Goaltending

Tennis Canada Commercial: Goaltending

Tennis Canada and advertising agency Bensimon Byrne have released this funny video spot recently.

The commercial is from the latest campaign, which raises awareness about tennis in Canada. As you know, the country is famous for ice hockey. However, there might be kids, who would like to try some other sport instead. Just give them a chance. See this girl’s fruitless attempts to shine in hockey.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Bensimon Byrne, Canada
Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Dan Strasser
Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter: David Mueller
Account Director: Mark Hewitt
Producers: Christine Pacheco, Michelle Pilling
French Producer: Claudia Theriault
Film Production: OPC
Director: Chris Woods
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss
Editing: Married to Giants
Editor: Graham Chisolm
Audio: Pirate
Director: Vanya Drakul
Transfer: Alter Ego
Online: Alter Edo
Online Editor: Darren Archim

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