TEDx Video: Balloons

TEDx Video: Balloons

TEDx and advertising agency WE ARE Pi from Amsterdam have released this spectacular video ad recently.

The video presents dichotomous human nature, which is the source of creativity. As you may already know, TEDx is exploring these topics. The video beautifully depicts these notions. Artist Guido Verhoef also participated in this project.

If you like this ad, you may also would like to see the one, that TEDx has released earlier this year: http://www.funnycommercialsworld.com/tedxsummit-commercial-the-power-of-x-5267.html

Watch the video and tell us you love it. We do!


Agency: WE ARE Pi, Amsterdam
Client: TEDx Amsterdam
Strategy: Alex Bennett Grant
Creative Director: Hobson Chant
Producer: Jamie Nami Kim
Production Company: UNIT C.M.A.
Director: Corriette Schoenaerts
Producer: Naomi Bais
Production Manager: Lennart Deen
Art Director: Rogier Tolen
Art Director: Roche Wong

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