Tck Tck Tck Campaign: Adaptation

An animated lesson in evolution from Y&R Brazil.

Y&R Brazil reminds us that it’s humankind, not the planet, that should be adapting. The tcktcktck campaign is supporting climate change awareness around the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

It’s not the planet that has to adapt – it’s you. Join the fight for climate justice.

Released: September 2009
Client: Tck Tck Tck
Agency: Y & R, Brazil
Country: Brasil


Advertising Agency: Y & R, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Marco Versolato
Copywriter: Mariana Borga
Art Director: Claudia Fugita
Agency Producer: Nicole Godoy, Camila Naito
Production Company: Tribbo Post
Production: Equipe Tribbo Post
Director: Luciano Neves
Executive Production: Andre Pulcino
Director of Photography: Equipe Tribbo Post
Sound Production: Somzera

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