Takeaway.com Campaign: Kitchen Nightmares

Takeaway.com Campaign: Kitchen Nightmares

Takeaway.com and advertising agency Eigen Fabrikaat have released this hilarious campaign.

The spot promotes online service, which will enable hungry users to order quickly from a diverse menu. The creatives draw the portraits of very hungry and desperate characters, who would go to the ridiculous lengths in order to satisfy the hunger.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: Eigen Fabrikaat, Amsterdam, Netherland
Art Director: Michael Kouwenhoven
Copywriter: Dimitri Hubregtse
Creative Director: Peter Scholtens
Business Director: Rik Vandewall
Project Manager: Sanne de Man
Art Buyer: Ivette Stokkel
Designer: Ramelan Sadjid
Screen producer: Vanessa Janssen
Production company: Halal Amsterdam
Director: Nils Gerbens
Producers: Bo Polak, Sybrig Andringa
D.O.P.: Rutger Storm
Graphics: Joris Blomjous
Offline edit: Nils Gerbens / Halal
Online edit: De Grot / Lastpost.tv
Sound studio: Studio de Keuken
Photography set: Mark de Rouw
Photography food: Tobias Reymond / Photo&Film
Social platform: Egotribe Amsterdam

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