Scott Brewer

Radio Shack Commercial: Toyland

Radio Shack Commercial: Toyland

Radio Shack and advertising agency GSD&M have released this hilarious video spot recently. The commercial celebrates upcoming Christmas and its smart toy stock. When a lady comes in and asks for heli quads, the assistant goes off the wall and performs an entire number.

BMW EfficientDynamics Commercial: Light Bulb

BMW Efficient Dynamics Commercial: Light Bulb. The goal of the BMW Efficient Dynamics campaign from GSD&M Idea City Austin is to change consumer's perceptions about diesel vehicles and focus on a cleaner-burning, eco friendly vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice the joy of driving.

BMW EfficientDynamics Commercial: Newspaper

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure. While efficiency has become the buzzword in the automotive industry lately, at BMW it’s hardly new. We’ve always lived by the Efficient Dynamics philosophy – less emissions without sacrificing performance. So when the government recently announced it would reward Americans for driving more fuel-efficient...

BMW Efficient Dynamics Commercial: President

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure. The time has officially come. The President has called for more fuel-efficient cars to be on American roads. At BMW we’ve always lived by the theory of Efficient Dynamics, which strives for exhilaration without excess. Everything we do focused on increasing driving pleasure while producing fewer emissions...