Target Ad: Pink and No Doubt

Target Ad: Pink and No Doubt

The commercials feature famous musicians Pink and No Doubt. Target has put a lot into these two ads, that promote the new albums: Pink's “The Truth About Love” and No Doubt's “Push and Shove”. It is pretty exciting, since Pink has released her last album in 2008 and No Doubt in 2001!

T-Mobile Sing-a-long in Trafalgar Square

The Sing-a-long Flash Mob event packed out Trafalgar Square and was T-Mobile's second "Life is for Sharing" event, following on from the hugely successful T-Mobile Dance, held in Liverpool Street Station in January

PETA Commercial: Stolen for Fashion

PETA Commercial: Stolen for Fashion Animals are being robbed! But this duo won't take it lying down. Watch as one loveable alligator and one feisty rabbit confront the fashion violators who stole their skins in "Stolen for Fashion," featuring the voices of Pink and Ricky Gervais!