Jean-Francois Sacco

Mars Commercial: The Crying

Mars Commercial: The Crying

Mars and advertising agency CLM BBDO from Paris have made this hysterical video commercial. The spot features a guy, who is about to buy a Mars bar from a snack machine. However, he spots a man, who talks on the phone. He is crying and is miserable, apparently talking to his love. But the time is over and he doesn't have more money for the call. The Mars buying guy is sorry for the man and gives him money.

Frolic Prints: Couples

Frolic and advertising agency CLM BBDO from France have released these hilarious prints. The campaign promotes dog treats and features dogs in a very fancy surroundings. The couples are a classic example of a lady taking advantage of an older, uglier, but wealthier gentleman. The agency has received Epica Award for this work.

Pepsi Commercial: Rising (I CAN)

In this TV adverts Pepsi uses a classic teenage dream. A young man climbs a pile of seemingly impossible odds to fulfil his goals, finally reaching what he was aiming for.