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Dentiste Toothpaste Commercial: House of Love

Dentiste Toothpaste Commercial: House of Love. We all have bad morning breath. Use Dentiste’ Nighttime Herbapeutic Tothpaste before going to bed to help stop nighttime bacteria. For fresh morning breath…

SmartRider Commercial: Piggy bank without slot

SmartRider Commercial: Piggy bank without slot. Piggy Bank born without slot: Parents blame SmartRider. The parents of a Piggy Bank born without a coin slot are blaming the increased use of SmartRider cards. More than 70% of commuters have discovered [...]

Land Rover in the Zoo (Land Rover Ad)

Land Rover Defender Commercial: Zoo. A defender, Land Rover’s main model, was put in a cage in the zoo, as if it were wild animal, between the giraffe’s and the zebra’s cages. Near the car, there was a description plate using the same design and copy used on the other signs in the zoo.

Volvo XC60 Ambient Ad Campaign

Volvo XC60 Ambient Ad Campaign. Volvo Norway are constantly looking for new and fresh ways of communicating their sponsorship of the hottest alpine ski destinations in Norway. Ski boots were redecorated and turned into the car itself. Watching skiers in Volvo boots jump around and race in the snow, yet powerful product-demonstration.