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Zeebox Videos: The Captain and The Movie Monster

Zeebox Videos: The Captain and The Movie Monster

The campaign marks the British TV companion app company’s launch in USA. The commercials show, what it would be like if TV had Zeebox app in it. The first video features a captain, who navigates his ship right from his living room. The second ironic video features a girls, who trips while running from the monster.

Westwood College: Crazy Board (Dwayne)

You sure don't want to have a marketing career like this - Get a better career with Westwood College. It's a stretch to say he works in the marketing department for a restaurant with this mind-numbing job! On a positive note he can't really sink [...]

Westwood College: Road Kill Detective (Todd)

Don't be a Road Kill Detective. You can change your job to a career by going to college. Let Westwood College help you, help yourself and get on the career path you've always wanted.