Chris Mably

Carly’s Cafe: Experience Autism

Carly’s Cafe: Experience Autism

This video represents the experience of Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old girl who has a non-verbal Autism. The spot takes place at the café and is seen through the Carly’s eyes. It documents how chaotic a casual routine might become for her. We can hear her inner voice, that says she wants coffee but she gets hot chocolate instead.

Toshiba Laptop Commercial: Bachelor Pictures

Toshiba Laptop Commercial “Bachelor Pictures” gives another reason (if you needed any more) to ditch your old password and get some facial recognition on your laptop. Agency: ZIG. Country: Canada

Toshiba Commercial: Nakeder

Toshiba Commercial - Nakeder. What if your home electronics could help you deceive your loved ones? Advertiser: Toshiba, Agency: ZIG, Country: Canada