T-Fal Commercial: Steam Signals

T-Fal Commercial: Steam Signals

T-Fal Express Steam and Faren Agency from Canada have released this amusing video spot recently.

The commercial features two ladies, who are ironing their clothes and as their glances meet, they start a conversation from a distance. To communicate they use the iron steam. One of them has a really slow iron and has to refill very often, which causes many funny misunderstandings. Apparently, she needs more steam in her life!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Faren° Agency, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Bryan Canning
Art Director: Steve Garwood
Copywriters: Bryan Canning, Steve Garwood
Producer: Justin MacRae
Director: Dave Krovblit
Post: Married to Giants
Colour: Alter Ego
VFX: 3am Design

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