Swiss Heart Foundation Video: A Story of Hearts

Swiss Heart Foundation Video: A Story of Hearts

Swiss Heart Foundation and advertising agency Contexta AG from Bern have just released this beautiful film.

The spot tells an amazing love story, which has many ups and downs. However, true love never dies. And heart can go on loving someone, however it can stop beating suddenly. The spot raises awareness about heart disease and stroke – the most common cause of death in Switzerland. The film encourages to take care of yourself.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Contexta AG, Bern, Switzerland
Creative Director: Moritz Staehelin
Copywriters: Annette Häcki, Raphael Gammenthaler
Art Directors: Stefanie Morgan, Moricz Nemeth
Agency Producer: Ulysse Schnegg
Account Supervisor: Nadine Borter
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Martin Zimmermann
Account Manager: Alexandra Beyeler
Production: stories AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Producer: Yves Bollag
Director: Tobias Fueter
D.O.P: Holger Diener
Lighting: Attila Doczi
Editors: Tobias Fueter, Beni Fueter, Wolfgang Weigl
Editing Company: stories AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Composer / Artist / Title: Adrian Frutiger
Sound Designer: Gian Dolder
Off-voice English: Harlan Hogan
Post Production Supervisor: Denis Spycher
Animation: Cloudscape
Production Designer: Adrien Asztalos
Special Effects / Computer Graphics: Cloudscape
Colour Grading: Fabian Kimoto
Line Producer: Nicole Spring
Production Coordinator: Heike Schreyer

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