Swire Pacific Print Ads

Swire Pacific Print Ads

The Hong Kong’s creative agency McCANN Worldgroup has launched a sponsorship ad for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

The two print ads – “Ear” and “Orchestra” – promote the magic of the music in a very original manner. The first print features a gorgeous visual simulation: the queue of the conductor’s hand holding the baton and moving in a shape of an ear. In the middle of it you can see the red note – nice like a cherry. The second ad’s title says “A Sound Commitment”. But the letters are made of the different musical instruments.

See the unique print ads below.




Advertising Agency: McCANN Worldgroup, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Thierry Halbroth
Art Director: Alex Lai
Photographer: Andrew Loiterton / AJL Photography
Retoucher: Henry Lam / AJL Photography

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