Swatch Video: Mad About the Sea

Swatch Video: Mad About the Sea

Swatch and advertising agency com.unico from Italy have released a new amazing video commercial lately.

The spot features various marine forms floating in the… air! In the city, between the skyscrapers exotic fishes feel like at home. A lonely octopus gets stuck in a tree. The skateboarders have to be cautious in the presence of the sharks. The beautiful video creatively promotes Swatch Scuba Libre collection of waterproof watches.

Watch the spot and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: com.unico, Italy
Creative Director: Aldo Tanchis
Production Company: Eye to Eye
Director: Liberato Maraia
DoP: Massimo Hanozet
Producer: Michele Petternella
Head of Postproduction: Roger Koller
Lead VFX Studio: Celluloid VFX
VFX Supervisor: Michael Landgrebe
VFX Producer: Holger Hummel
VFX Coordination: Maren Dolzmann
VFX Artists: Sebastian Greese, Karsten Härle, Svenja Hildebrandt, Paul Janssen, Kristofer Ling, Dennis Mielke, Leszek Plichta, Christian Sawade-Meyer, Betty van Aken, Henrik Zähringer, Yaron Zimmermann
Additional VFX and Postproduction: On Line Video 46 AG
VFX & Post Supervisor: Roger Koller
VFX Artists: Jan Dubied, Michael Scialpi, Nik Zuber, Sven Peters, Roger Koller
Colorist: Dominic Frei

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