Sushi Shop Commercial: Left Handed Chop Sticks

Sushi Shop Commercial: Left Handed Chop Sticks

Sushi Shop and advertising agency DDB from Paris have released this brilliant spot recently.

The commercial promotes a very nice sushi bar, where experienced chefs prepare the best authentic sushi in town. However, one unfortunate customer comes in who happens to be a lefty. The entire story spins around him and the sushi sticks, that are not lefty-friendly. However, the bar has a solution!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Directors: Alexander Kalchev, Alexandre Hervé
Creatives: Alexis Benbehe, Pierre Mathonat, Julien Bon, Gautier Fage
Agency Producers: Sophie Mégrous, Anais Ouchene
Account Supervisors: Xavier Mendiola, Sophie Valentin, Charlotte Drago
Head of social media: Audrey Depommier
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Grégory Marciano, Hervé Louis, Adrien de Schrompé, Karine Lecomte, Antony Krieger, Mathurin Bertrand
Prod Compagny: Aprile
Director: Elsa & Hippolyte
Sound Production: Cédric Boit, Clément Reynaud / Studio 5

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